Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Task 1

179 words, 24 minutes (after self corrections)

The couple of bar graphs below illustrate different topics; the first one is about the motivation to study in some age groups, while the second one is related to the percentage of support that people receive according to how old they are.

Younger people tend to chose study because they like the career, and in people under 39 years old, it is the main reason. While people are younger this proportion are used to being higher. Otherwise, people who are between 40 to 49 years old have same proportion as both reasons to study (because he career and the interest). Only people who study when they are older than 49 take this decision in most cases because their interest and just fewer than 20% of them said that it decision was related to the career.

Finally, employers who are under 26 are used to receiving more support than any other age group (over 60%); followed by workers between 26 to 29 (50%), and over 49 (over 40%); meanwhile people in their middle age (30-49) receive less help than others.

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