Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Task 2

There are many different reasons that can keep a person in their workplace. Some believe that money is the main reason. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

178 words, 30 minutes.

People need money to live, and it is usual that they find a job in order to be able to cover all for their expenses; however, it is hard to say that the only reason to work is becoming rich; it is a deep issue which deserves an evaluation before offering an opinion.

It is common to hear some people saying that if they have enough money, they will never come back to their jobs, because they want to enjoy life, play sports, travel around the world and share more time with family and friends. These groups of people have the firm idea that the only reason of working is money. Nevertheless, most of them fall depressed after their retirements, because they are bored or feeling alone. To make things worse, it is usual that after long time dreaming with leaving work, when they can finally do that, they want to do some free jobs because they do not how to use their time.

On the other hand, some workers love their jobs, because it is an opportunity to develop their skills, find social recognition and enjoy their productive ages. Many people enjoy working and studying as way to feel better and to discover new things. I take my hat off to people who are able to appreciate their labor activities and being part of the workforce because they like to do whatever they do.

In conclusion, everyone has a special way to see life and in consequence they have different reasons to work, but from my point of view, the really important subject is to feel happy about personal daily activities and to use time in a satisfactory way.

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