Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Task 1

164 words, 24 minutes (after self corrections)

The chart below illustrates a century projection (between 1994 to 2040) of percentage of elderly people in three developed nations (Japan, Sweden and the US).

In the first stage, there had between 5% to 9% of senior citizens, but the highest level was in USA and the lowest in Japan, where had predicted an important decrease until later 1980s, then a slow rise for around 30 years, to reach a peak between 2030 to 2040 when this country will have the biggest proportion of old people (over 26%).

Otherwise, in the United States the amount of elderly group show fluctuation with increase and slight drops, but in the last part of the period it is expected a great rise to finish with almost  at 25% of senior citizen there.

Meanwhile, in 1940, Sweden population had around 7% of them over 65 years old. This proportion has been continually increasing with some fluctuations, to close at 25% of them at the end of the stage.

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