Sunday, 15 July 2012

Task 1

172 words, 21 minutes.

The chart below illustrates how nowadays environmental matters has been increased in life cycle of production. It shows seven steps in the process to create industrialized things.

In the first stage, there is time to develop ideas about the item and plan how it will be made and sold. Then, it is the moment to find all necessary materials, infrastructure and resources such as energy, human tools, etc.

After that, the production process starts, followed by packaging stuffs to distribute them in shops, markets, etc.

When they are in commercial places, they are sold to people who are interested in them.

The sixth step is when people use the product in the way they want to. In the last stage, the cycle may take either two ways, has a feedback and starts the process in step one or be recycled and go to the second phase.

It is a long process, which involve the whole production life, since the first idea until the moment when customers are not using it any more.

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