Monday, 9 July 2012

Task 1

156 words, 23 minutes (after self correction)

The chart below illustrates the percentage spent in three consumer categories in five countries (Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Turkey) in 2002.

All these countries showed the biggest proportion of consume in Food/Drinks/Tobacco, but with important difference each others; for instance, Turkey which was the highest consumption spent 32,14% in those items, more than twice to Sweden that had at 15,77%.

The second more popular group of items was Clothing/Footwear, with a range between 5.40% in Sweden to 9% in Italy.

Otherwise, the fewest amount of spend in those countries was in Leisure/Education; again Turkey was the first one with 4,35% and the last one was Spain with around a quarter of the biggest percentage.

With this information at hand, it is possible to say that in those nations the major priority was related to feed and smoke, followed by dress, and then pleasure-education in which any of those countries spent less than the previous items.

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