Friday, 6 July 2012

Task 1

169 words, 19 minutes.

The graph below illustrates some essential dates about subway railway systems in six cities from developed countries (London, Paris, Tokyo, Washington DC, Kyoto and Los Angeles).

London underground is the oldest and largest, which was founded in 1863, and nowadays, it has a route of 394 kilometer; however, it is in the third place in number of passage per year; while Tokyo and Paris are the most popular respectively. Moreover, those two are older too; Paris metro was founded in 1900 (and the route is 199 kilometer), followed by Tokyo in 1927 (and a route of 155K).

Otherwise, Washington DC railway system is working since 1976 with an extension of 126 K, and it is visited by 144 million people per year.

Kyoto and Los Angeles subways are the newest, but with 20 years between each other (1981 and 2001 respectively). They are the shortest and less populated too.

Summarizing, there are important differences between all those railway systems, but in general the oldest are longer and more crowd.

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