Monday, 27 December 2010

I only want to feel free to live.

I´m thinking about my plans for my future. I want to live in Auckland on August, that is the biggest city in NZ, there are a good lifestyle, good weather, beautiful landscapes, but the most important: in Auckland the people have a feeling calm and care!
Now, I only need to sort my documentation and study English hard to take the IELTS. After that, I´ll send my requirements to have my registration and my new job and in few week to have my visa!
My husband always say, You´ll do it easy! You´ll do a very good IELTS! You´ll do anything that you want!
I think, he is very optimistic and have too confidence on me, or maybe is most easy to feel calm and to see the capabilities in the other when you are not the person who need to do the effort about it.
However, without his support this adventure would be most difficult for me!
I´m talking about adventure, because this decision will change my life!
For me, to have a quiet life, to walk for the street, without fear, will be a very big adventure in my life!
I only want to walk in the morning and see the dawn without fear. Go the baker to buy simple things for dinner without fear. Help the old people for to carrying bags without fear.
I only want to feel free to live.
Those are my biggest dream, are difficult? Are simples? Well, here are impossible!
Now, my body and mind are working hard to go to met with my heart, he is free in NZ.
Is very difficult to live everyday and to do everything, feeling that my heart is so far my body and mind.
I hope soon they meet again.


  1. This post was really good, mistakes are minimum... really good... congrats!!! - as your husband says: you can do it!!!

  2. Thank you! now you are my best blogfriends!