Wednesday, 29 December 2010

To my real mom.

Who is my real mom?
Well, when I was born, the life gave me a mom and she gave me the life (like dialectical relationship)
I couldnt choose... I didnt feel good and satisfied with it. I always needed a mom, a real mom. I always needed someone  saw me with love, someone to acompany me in the life experience... Only it.. Maybe sound easy, but it isnt!
I had years searching it... sometimes, I felt the illusion of having found it. Sometimes, I felt the illusion didnt need it anymore.
When I was 22, I found it!
I found: the eyes that see me with love, the person that go with me in my heart!
When I was 22, I found my real mom! the mom that I can to choose, the mom that love me like mom.
Thank god about it!
Now, I have a mom in my heart! I dont need see her everyday, I dont need to see her to know she is with me!
Mom: you are in my heart, in the special place only for you. You are in my heart where I always can be with you, in this place where no one else can enter.
Love you!

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