Friday, 31 December 2010

Thank God for this difficult year!

Today is the last day of this difficult year!
This year, my life changed! Before, I was quiet in my little home, my husband and I had normal goals; we are quiet!
This year was like an earthquake... but still, we continued together, growing together.
This year my mom left, my vacations was beautiful, my doggy was sick, I lived important things for me...
This was a very difficult year... and thank God was in this ways!
This earthquake, forced me, don’t to live like people that the rain left without home. Forced me, don’t be appellant injured, and to search new roads.
Now, is the last day of is year, I don’t have home, I don’t have quiet, but I have a dream! I have goals!
I wish consolidate my wish this new year, and wake up the next 31 of December and go to walk for the beach and perceive the special smell of the seas. I wish soon I can walk quiet without stress, fear or anguish.
I hope can see the dawn while I walk to the beach...
Those are my wishes for this new year... and my goal are: have a good IELTS with the punctuation that I need soon, have my registration in the board of psychologist soon, have a new job in NZ soon, have my work visa soon, and go to life to NZ as soon as will be possible!
Happy new year for you! My biggest wish for you is: I wish, yours goal carry you to your dreams!

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