Wednesday, 29 December 2010

First attempt of register me in the IELTS

I went to register me for the IELTS today, I felt nervous, fear, confused, anxious, a mixed feelings. I needed two pic and went to do it. After that, I walked with my husband fo the street and take his hand strongly. I needed his support.
When I finally arrived to the place of IELTS, it was closed! They will be open the next week! However, I need to register me in the IELTS to have a control illusion in relation to my anxiety. I need  have to date for the IELTS and organice my shedule with real time.
On the other hand, when the people register for the IELTS, they can study in the official place, and use the library and other resources. It could be a biggest help to me! I need a quiet place with good environment that help me in my learning process. It could be a great help!
Well, In two days will be New Year, a big family party, maybe I´ll be really happy about it. But still, my real interest is on monday, when I can register me in the test, go to study there, and feel some control about my anxiety.
See you tomorrow!

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