Thursday, 30 December 2010

Second attempt of Academics Writing Task 1

In different countries, the people prefer automatic washing machines with different features. Then, you could read the specific information about it.
In Unite Kingdom, the people have rather machines with: shell of 34" & narrow, drum enamel, loading top, 5 kilos of capacity, spin speed 700 rph, without water heating system, styling feature inconspicuous appearance and agitator of washing action.
In France, the people have similar interest in: shell, drum material, capacity and washing action. But still, about loading they prefer the front, spin seed 600 rpm, with water heating system, and elegant appearance in styling feature.
In the other hand, in Germany and Sweden, the people preferred shell of 34" & wide, with drum of stainless steel, loading front, capacity of 6 kilos and washing action tumble.
However, Germany's people preferred, spin speed 850 rps while in Sweden 800 rpm; in Germany preferred the automatic washing machines with water heating system in contrast Sweden that do not like it. Finally, in Germany, the people like these machines with indestructible appearance and in Sweden with strong appearance in its styling feature.

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