Monday, 27 December 2010

My name is Tahirí, Im happy about it, because it is fish net in Maori!

Im from Venezuela, Im living in Caracas (the murder capital) but soon I´ll live in NZ!
Im studing hard to take the IELTS, that is my most difficult requirement to have the work visa (I need 7.5) and here i´ll write about it.
You are welcome to accompany me in this important experience in my life!
Now my bigest worried is to have the puntuation that in need in the IELTS, and i´ll use this blog to practice!
I wish to have a relax life, have a great lifestyle, can buy that things I need, and enjoy to the simples thing in the life. Now my live is stressfull, I work a lot! I study hard! and alway Im really worried about the insecurity´s troubles city
In the future, I hope to write about a quiet lifestyle and beautiful landscapes, good persons... ultimately: about a new good life!


  1. Tahi, you can not use to prepositions together (from to, for to)... You can say "I'm from Venezuela" (without TO)... Also you can't write "can to buy", it's "can buy things I need"... between others details

  2. you can say "studying hard to take the IELTS" and " requirement to have" (without for)... how I said, you can't have to prepositions together ;)