Thursday, 30 December 2010

First attempt of Academics Writing task 1

The graph below shows the relation between specifics postgraduate studies in Australia and ages range 25-34 and 55-69. This figure are divided in two graph about two groups, the first groups with ages range 25-34 and the second with ages range 55-69.
The first group was compound for 374.500 Australian students with ages range 25-34 years old. The most students was in Social sciences, Arts with 19.48% percent, followed for Administration (19.08%), Sciences, Math, Computers (18.19%), Education (14.79%), Engineering (9.25%), Medicine (7.4%), law (5.53%), Veterinary and Agriculture (2.10%), Architecture (1.84%) and finally others careers with 2.24%.
In the other hand, the second group was compound for 104.800 Australian students with age rage 55-69 years old. In this case, the most students was in Social Sciences, Arts like the first groups but with 20.42%, followed for Engineering (19.27%), Administration (14.18%),  Education (13.17%), Medicine (11.25%), Sciences, Math, Computers (10.11%), Law (3.35%),  Architecture (2.26%), Veterinary and Agriculture (2.0%) and others careers with 2.48%.
In this graph is possible to see the differences and similarities about student interests in those two of age ranges.

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