Monday, 27 December 2010

Read newspaper or watch TV?

My first essay for the IELTS!
(I used all resource, spent a lot of time and review often. That is my first practice, I would like to have corrections from people who know the test)

There had a long been a debate about if is better read the newspaper or watch TV. The advents of newspaper can be targeted at the special make like local market, while TV could offer fast- forward advert around the world.

Many people read the newspaper every day, because it offer a lot of local information about problems close up of person, and newspaper are cheap because the their making process is quick and simple. The people can read the newspaper when they want, for them is possible to save the newspapers and read later.

However, TV is really live and dynamic. The people feel close up with TV programs because create an illusion of closeness and people don´t feel too alone.  While newspaper gives people very little the illusion of interaction.

Furthermore, the TVs programs offer quickly information about important event around the world, and can reach a wider audience. The people can record the TVs programs and to see it when they want, and are very easy to understand it. Illiterate people can know the news with TV while with the newspaper, people need to have reading ability. 

Although, the newspaper are cheaper, and usually are close up the people local, the TVs programs offer a lot of information in real time and about events around the world. The expensive price for make TV programs end up being suitable in relation their benefits.


  1. OJO with singular-plural, THE, and other details....
    You know the essay structure, that's very good!

  2. thank you! I need help, because is difficult for me! Im grateful with you!