Tuesday, 25 January 2011

I’m stressful, and consequently, I’m angry and upset!

Today has a very hard day! I’m stressful, and consequently, I’m angry and upset! I feel don’t want anything! I only want study English and sleep. But the life is different, I duty work, I have a husband (with difficult personal situation) friends (whit specific needs) and normal difficulties…
On the morning, I didn’t have much patient, I didn’t remember the reason, but I was angry with my husband, after that 2 coworkers (on the university) had a terrible personal discussion disguised like work problem…  They want I was part of the problem, I didn’t. After that, one batter me (because I didn’t support her, and she said, I’m coward and traitor) in front of my students, and the other one, thought now we were friend… The crazy people!
After that, I was study on the British. I had terrible result today! I was studying 4 hours with terrible results!
I arrived the place where I sleep and eat. I continued studying 2.5 hours more. I feel better in this time.
But I´m really tired and upset!
I only want to study, and when the people can talk with me or do different things, I don’t want. But now, I’m reflecting, maybe I need do different things… maybe it could help me feel better and study better…
I leave thinking.
See you soon…

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  1. Hello my friend, this is the girl that added you on FB. I hope you are good there. Look, you have a good type writing, hoewver you must improve some things about prepositions the most!! Will be successful, you will see!!

    Greetings, C.