Saturday, 9 July 2011

Go Albiceleste and Go All Whites!

I am from Venezuela, and my dad love the baseball, I grew watching this sport, going to the plays, etc, my Dad is Los Tigres de Araguas' fans, we both born in Aragua and he always wanted to share this sport with me; in the childhood was possible, I loved baseball, watching all baseball season, crying with games, etc. Then I grew, and I don’t like this sport and I love the football! The soccer football!

Around 8 years old, started to see each game that I could see. When I was 12, started to found Venezuela’s football team, and they always lost, but anyway was my favorite team; I was discovering another’s teams and player in the process.. Anyway Venezuelan’s team was the team in my heart and they was improving their football.

In the other hand, I continued growing, and this country was worse each day; I discovered my secret real love to Albiceleste team. I discovered my love to all Argentina, since their way to speak to their football.

Now, I don’t want to be in Venezuela, I wake up each morning thinking is a day less to live here and a day nearer to live in NZ. In my heart I want to be a Kiwi; I could not decided the country when I born, but I can decide the country when I’ll do my adult life, and country where my kids will birth. This decision have a lot of consequence, I need to learn a new language, a new culture, a new kind to live…. In this thing be the sport too, I’ll learn to love Rugby and the All Blackss in special, but in the football I’m learning to love the All Whites.

Now in my heart, my two favorites football teams are Albiceleste and All Whites! And now my question is: if I don´t want to live here, I don’t want this will be the country to my children, why should I support to Venezuela’s football team?

Now my heart, my life, myself is changing to be a new kiwi, this change is internal, and on my optical, the better way is saying good bye all Venezuela’s nationality things (teams for example) to be a really new Kiwi and to live there without permanently nostalgic.

I love football, and I’m watching each America Coupe game that I can see. I hope Argentina will be the champion, and my another  two favorite teams are Uruguay and Paraguay, but not Vinotinto.. Now my heart isn’t vinotinto… my heart isn’t Venezuelan…

Go Albiceleste! And when All Whites will be playing I’ll say Go All Whites!

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