Monday, 25 July 2011

Saying goodbye to my beloved job.

Six years ago, I just finished the University, I wanted to start to work; but not in any work, I wanted to work listening people in a private consult, I wanted to be a University Professor and maybe have another work to have more money.

I did all this things; I have worked in all things I wanted, I have been listening people in my private consult during almost 6 years, I was University professor during around 4 years, I have had another work when I felt good and had enough money.

Some months ago, I closed with the university, step by step I have closed with my other work, and this week I’ll close with my patients… My patients are the reason of my career election; they are exactly the work I always wanted to have!

Today at afternoon I’ll say goodbye 2 patients, both have been around 4 years my patients, I have accompanied them in different moments in their life; today I’ll say goodbye to they, with love, satisfaction and nostalgic.

The Wednesday, I’ll close with all other, I’ll finish with my most beloved job, with satisfaction, nostalgic, sadness, happiness, quiet, some worries, and another kind of emotions. All this emotion are living inside me, they are not in war, only are living together in my heart.

Thank Life have gave me the opportunity to do exactly that I have wanted.

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