Tuesday, 5 July 2011

I received my post graduate programs today!

The most difficult documentation have been found are my post graduate programs, because the coordination of post graduate is a very disorder place! All University documentation have been to slow because always it people is in stoppage, or have problems in the University, etc…

The postgraduate coordinator always said me, he can’t give me the programs because he don’t have or he is doing it or whatever, I have been very worry about it, because is impossible to have my registration in the board of psychologist NZ without them.

The night before, I can’t sleep well, because chavistas  have a biggest celebration, and the noise was insupportable, and I was angry about it. But when I woke up, I taken my celphone and found in my email: a mail of the postgraduate coordinator with all my programs!!!!! Now I need print and carry it to sign and ready this difficult work!

Well, the bad news is in short time will be the University vacations and it will be too long the time my documentation be ready, but the good news is I don’t need it to go to NZ in the beginning, I can go to study English while my husband is finishing this work… and now, I’m sure all my documentation will be ready some day, because although is too slow all documentation is findable!

I’m happy today! In the other hand, the baby of my Kiwi friends born today! I’m happy about it too!

Now, I’m gonna read the final chapter of Percy Jackson first book and them doing exercise, great day!

The God time is near to me!

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