Monday, 4 July 2011

Present way to go to NZ

Around 10 months ago my husband and I decided go to live to NZ. We investigated and they need people with my career, we started a project to go.  The plan have changed a lot of time or not, the plan is same that in the beginning (go to NZ to work and live… special LIVE), have changed the way to reach it.

Now the plan is go to study English in the beginning, to have enough score in the IELTS and request my registration in the Board of Psychologist NZ, looking for a job and request my work visa…

But this country is very unstable, and the University documentation is to slow because people aren’t working or others are protesting, or anything….

On the other hand, we need a lot of money to go study in the beginning, and now don’t have enough. I don’t want wait more time, and we decided the better way is I’ll go first alone to start my English study while he is here looking for documentation and money, and then he will go with me some months late.

Inside me, I’m ready to go out; I only need do some things before: close with my patients, be some weeks with my little brother, finish my psychotherapy formation and go to the second birthday of my nephew… Then it, I’m ready to go in October.

I want to know the smell of the city will be my new home, my Kiwi friend, the streets, people who will be my new elected family… I want to know my new life.

I know, I guess will be more difficult go alone, but will be a chance to start our new life doing each one the necessary things (me learning English to have my registration and work visa, he looking my documentation and enough money). And I think, I am more ready than him to go, and is ok, each one have a personal time and is very important to respect it.

Well, when I have new news, I’ll tell you…


  1. I hope to visit you there when I've gone to Australia :)