Friday, 8 July 2011

I'm falling in love again

When I was 16 years old, born my Little brother, some hours late I had him first time, in this moment I discovered a new kind of feelings, as soon as I felt his warm in my hands I started to question me: how did I could live 16 years without him? Sometimes, to have the most wonderful brother in the life could be annoying, exhausting or irritating, anyway each day I love him as big as is possible and I miss him each day far of him; and each day in my heart this question is still live in my heart…

9 years after, I met my husband, and that question had a revival: how did I could live 25 years without him? Near to him I have grown, discovered and a new way to see the world, I have felt happy, loved, cared, angry, upset… etc… anyway, each day I wake up and in heart is difficult to me remember how was my life before met him… just I can remember I had a wonderful brother and I love him.

They have been my biggest love! They are always in my mind and my heart, and I can hardly imagine my life without them.

Now, I’m discovering a new big love, I’m falling in love again, but not toward a person, I’m falling in love of Auckland. I read news, watch pictures, research about life style, culture, etc… and day after day I feel I love that city. I don’t know Auckland yet; but I’m sure, where I’ll be there I’ll never and ever understand how I could live in another place.

Today I was to request my new passport with my civil state like married, because will be easier request my husband's visa in this way; when I’ll receive my passport I’ll start my migration process, and in couple of months I’ll be able to go to Auckland and meet with my new love…

Today I was looking for pictures to change my blog, and each photo is most beautiful than previous one; my heart is in love, and I want to cry because I have a feelings mixed… I feel Auckland more near to me each moment, but I want to be there right now. I know, in the future I’ll discover bad thing and sometimes all not be ok there, but I’ll love that place anyway and discover a new important things there…

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