Friday, 2 December 2011

Adapt but not accustoms

The phrase of this part of my life is: adapt but not accustoms.

This have been very difficult time for me, my life had changed in a way that I didn't want, but I think it was because I needed to take different kind of decision for my life, and the conclusion was I need to go to live to NZ.

If my life had continuing in the way it was, maybe I could not take it important decision. Then this terrible time will have a great rewards, still now, I am here, in the murder capital and with the life very complicate...

Sometimes, I see my dream so long to me, but in other moments I can feel it as close up as is possible, because it is just time's stuff.

Today I can understand when people speak English, in class, in the podcast and a little more in the TV. When I am watching TV, my listening is not perfect, but in class,  I can understand everything still if I didn't know the word. In the podcast is the same as class.

It is a very important successful for me. During this time, in some moments I have felt that I won't learn English never ever... But I am improving a lot. And I feel absolutely happy about it.

Improve my English have been the most important goal in this time, because is the only thing I don't have to ask for my register in the board of psychologist NZ.

I would like to find a way to go quickly and easy without big effort, and if it happen, I will be very happy, but anyway, the history of my live have been working hard I have achieved whatever I have wanted.

I know, it is possible now will be the same...

Anyway, today, I am adapted but never ever accustoms of my actual situation, and I have could learn English step by step and now, I can understand when I listening to other people, I can read, write and so so speak... Well, I can speak enough well to other understand me, but with a lot of grammar mistakes.

Day after day, I am nearer to my dream, because I am studying and learning, with effort and constancy.

Frequently, people cannot understand the reason of theirs difficult situations, until it has happened. Now I can understand the reason of my difficult life moment... It is possible because the worst things happened, or at least are near to finish... I hope it.

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