Thursday, 29 December 2011

closing 2011 in Venezuela

Hi, today is December 29, 2011. This year, Venezuela has broken the world rank of the violence murder in the world. Anyway, I am sure that in this weekend will be more murder that we could imagine!

Today, Venezuela has an average of 53 violence murder per day. Here we are not in war... Well at less not in declared war.

On the other hand, in this country, most of 80% people live in absolute poverty, and in this social group, the average of first baby is when parent are around 11 to 13 years old, and around 17 a girl could have around 3 children.

For this reason, year after year could died 20000 people for the violence and anyway day after day exist more people and more poverty. Children don't have fathers because their fathers died around 16 to 19, those are the ages to majority of people murder. Anyway, still when their dads are alive, they are children too, and then nobody have parent in this society, well, in the majority of this society.

In this country exist around 27 million of people, so in this country is dying for the violence around 67 people for each 100000. I want to repeat: we are not in war... At less that said our government.

You could be asking to yourself which is moral of this story, I am asking it to myself too; but I think that I want to tell you about the objective I can found to this situation.

Let me show you, throughout history the dictators have had a guard force to control people, it help the government to keep people worried, afraid, sad and hopeless. In that case, people are feeling terrible and it is very hard to think and attack the government, so government can keep in the power long time.

Here, we are around 27 million of people, and exist around 20 million of illegal guns, frequently when the government is disagree with something, normal people (who like the government) attack it with peppers bombs, frequently you can see people in motorbikes with SMG, between a lot of other things like this. Then in this government they decided not have a guard force to oppress people, because it has been enough with gave illegal guns to delinquent and they oppress people without pay. In consequence, people is murdered each others, and the majority is feeling to bad to think in the way to finish this situation, so majority of people is trying to survey and it is very hard to think in this situation.

In this way, the moral of this story is, I want to share with you my vision of this situation. Government doesn’t want to control the delinquency because the Delinquency is the way to support the government.

Then in my opinion, it is a snake that is touching his tail. I don't have idea the way it could be improve, I just can imagine the way it could be worse.

Meanwhile I continue study English and visiting my friends and family before go to NZ or maybe before I will be part of our violence murder stats, whatever first happen.

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