Thursday, 8 December 2011

Another writing homework: I could not live without:

I could not live without my SmartPhone, because it is my way to connect me with the world. I have friends and family in other places and I can talk with them using it. On the other hand, it permits me to have Internet access each moment, read my emails, and why not? It is my chance to distract me when I am in a queueine or waiting (with music and games).

I could not live without my IPad or NetBook, because I really don't like desktop computers and it is very important to me use the digital media. With my iPad or my NetBook I can to read newspapers, books, study English, talk with my friends, listening to music, call my friend who live in other country, play games to distract myself, etc. Nevertheless I love my iPad because it was a present of my husband.

I could not live without my dog.... But she is not a technology thing... It was just a joke...

I could not live without Wi-Fi, because the others things need it a lot.

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