Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Writing homework (about technology)


It is a writing homework for my English course, It is about a lecture where someone wrote about how technology are damaging our life; my homework was to imagine if the writer is a man or woman and whether youth or old. After that I should write what I think about.

I think this person is an old man, and he feels alone and with important difficulty to adapt to new lifestyle.

Respect to statement that the technology doesn't save your time, I am absolutely disagree, because in nowadays, all technological things are a very fast, easy and effective tool to connect with other people (for job and personal relationship), work, solvent problems, etc. In the same way, if people spend a lot of time using it, that is because they found important satisfaction and it could help to have better lifestyle for people who use it. I am not talking about people with addiction problem, I am just talking about people who like technology and want to use it. For example: all people need to eat to survey, anyway some people are food-addicted and they have very important health problems, but it would be stupid to blame the food for this and say something like: food is bad and is a humanity problem, with should forget the food because some people are obese.

On the other hand, in relation with the opinion that people don't need all those  things, I think if people would not need it, the technology enterprise would had death long ago. Today, technology enterprises are the biggest companies in the world, and that is because people like technology things and they feel, they need it.

In my opinion, the freedom is the possibilities to have a choice, when you have a lot of choice, you are able to select whatever you want, but if you have just an option you should be ok with this. For example, if you live in a democratic country, you have option to select the kind of government that you want to have, it is possible that in each election more than 5 candidates loss, but anyway they are important, because they are the chance of the people select the better option for then. In contrast, if you live in a country with a dictator, it is possible you are happy or not with him/her but you don't have a choice, you don't have freedom. I think it is same with each situation in the life, it is important that people have a choice and things that people don't like, will disappear step by step.

Talking about the short life on date of the technology things, it is right, but in my opinion it is not a problem, because it is the way that the world has, and step by step people will understand the life time of their thing and they could planning and save money in relationship with their technology needs.

The point that I am absolute agree with the author is about that anybody take responsibility about broken things, and people who work in call centers and computer help desks are not really engage with help people. Anyway, it is not technology fault; it is just a responsibility of these company’s managers who are not respectful with their clients.

In additional when I think about that technology is destroying the language, it is impossible for me not laugh about it, because it is not responsibility of your cell phone or computer to teach you the correct way to write, these kind of things should be taught in the school or for parents. When you know write correctly, it is possible you decide write different in technology messages, but technology can not have the responsibility to teach you to write. Nevertheless, with society development other things will change too, and it is easy to see in the past how the language has changed with the social changes. Then now it is possible you can to find two options, one, the language will be chance with technology development, or maybe people will development a new technology language, and they could use the traditional language talking face to face and another using technology things.

In the final analysis, I think that the social ways to communicate are changing with technology; I think people are not now more anti-social or alone, they just have a new ways to contact with others. It is possible if you are not able to adapt to it, you will feel alone and sad, but it is not the technology fault, it is a problem with you adaptation skills. For example, I would not like to live without electricity or phone, but it is possible that in the past people who needed adapt to those things thought that innovation things were bad and were broken the society, but now are absolutely normal and necessary.

In nowadays is almost impossible to live without electricity, I am sure that in the future will be impossible to live without our new developments. I think, it is better to adapt to their and enjoy it, that stay flight with them.

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