Monday, 19 December 2011

Merry Christmas.

This year I don't care Christmas. I am not religious person, and this activity generally has not value for me, anyway, I tend to enjoy the moment to thankful the important things of the year. Frequently, it is a time to reflex about my goals and my behavior, and time to gather with important people in my life.

But this year, I am not happy now, I hoped to be living in NZ before Christmas and to have another lifestyle; then this year the Christmas remember me, I am still here, living in a uncomfortable place, being violence's victim, reading news about how the university is violated for government people, or about raining is destroying a lot of thing because government didn't take care about it.

I cannot go to study to the park because someone could steal me. I love my husband but we don't have a very good relationship because our lives are very complicate right now.

On the other hand, I understand it is part of my prices to go to my dream and my goal;  meanwhile I have had good moments, my English has improved a lot, my marriage relationship is stronger, I have grown up, and I can say thanks for all of this things and be happy about. But still, I don't want to celebrate this year. This year, I just want to study English as much as I can, and gather with some special people in my life; but not more, I am not feeling with a celebration mood and I would be dishonest with myself acting in different way.

Then I hope you have very good Christmas, you will be happy with your family and friends, but I will be here, studying English to can celebrate the next year living in a better place.

Merry Christmas.

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