Monday, 19 December 2011

Next blog’s Birthday

In few days this blog will be on birthday!

During this time, I have been studying English and practicing in all ways that I could, I have written about whatever I have been thinking; I could say if someone has read all my post, that people know me as a close friend.

On the other hand, it has been great to read my stats day after day and discover what kind of things are more interesting for people and where are from to people who reading me. I have discovered countries that I had not heard before to find it in my stats. Today, my blog has been visited for almost 5000 people for more of 100 countries.

In the beginning the only reason to have this blog was to practice my English, and still it is the main reason. But now, I enjoy a lot to think about who is reading me, and imagining a day when someone write me about whatever.

I love write, and when I finally know to speak and write in English, I would like to have a blog for write stories. I am absolutely happy for the way has had this blog; it has been motivating for me.

Thanks to accompanying me this time, and I hope you will be near to me still I arrive to NZ... Now I am in my NZ route.

See you later alligator 

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