Monday, 12 December 2011

Second married anniversary

Today is my second married anniversary, we met four years ago and we have three years living together.

It has been a good time, we have grown up together, with beautiful and very hard moments; anyway, we are together, it is possible to say we are happy; still we have not achieved all things that we have dreamed.

When I met him the first time, I didn't know how much he will be in my life. He has been the opportunity to learn to trust in someone and development patient when all is not good and it is his responsibility. He has been a wonderful love where I fell sure and good.

In the beginning our economic situation was better than now, and we had the opportunity to do some things that helped us to strengthen our relationship. Then we have had a lot of economics problems and as it was not enough we have had health problems... But still in the most difficult moments, we have found the way to continue and focus on our goal. Now our goal is the compass of our life, and we are walking together looking for it.

Grow up with someone is no easy, it is a very hard activity, but I think it is possible the most rewarding thing in the life, because the rest of our life depend of the way we take in this moment.

I see his eyes, and I know, still if I am not absolutely satisfaction with our actual situation, he is the man that I love and with I want to be the rest of my life, the man with I want to continue growing up and development my life.

Not all moments are good, and definitely the last time has not been a good moment, anyway, the real important thing is the way you take and the way you are able to grow up with it.

I love you my husband, and I know that we will have better moments and if we have been happy and in love in these hard moments, we will be better when we will finish this moment...

You are the reason and the transport of my effort! I have trust on you, and I know as much as you love me.

Thank God to give me the opportunity to find this man in my life, I am absolutely happy and grateful with you.

Definitely the last two years have not been easy moments, but anyway have been wonderful time.

In your eyes I find the strength, love, trust and security to continue watching their inside your arms.

Love you.

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