Friday, 9 December 2011

Balance of this year

Same as the past year, this has been very hard, with difficult situations and troubles. In my mind, I hoped the past year was the worst and this was better; I hoped to go to live to NZ during this year, assist to the RWC, find enough score in the IELTS, have my register in the Board of psychologist NZ, and improve my lifestyle.

But I was wrong, this year has been a very difficult time, with good moments and important development in my dream/goal, but I am still here.

During this time, my husband aunt dead, my left knee decided not work anymore, I have not had enough money, and I have been so alone.

Anyway, it is impossible to forget that my friends have help me, they have been my support in some moments; my married has pasted very hard troubles but now we are stronger  couple; I have improved a lot with the English; I have grown...

It has been a hard time, but still, has been a time to grown, development, charge...

I stopped to work, that was very difficult, because I love my job; but it was my first chance to trust in someone (in my husband) and have patience while he finds the ways to solvent some things. Don't work has been too the opportunity to focus on study English, and to go nearer to my dream/goal.

I hope the next year will be the beginning of better things and all these effort start to give me rewards. I hope during the next year I can go to live to NZ and start to work there. I hope as soon as be possible I have enough score in the IELTS and that be in short time.

On the other hand, I hope next year will be a good time for my brother and he can grow up with happiness and trust. I hope too that my husband continue his development way and start to find his rewards.

I am in the same physical place, but in absolutely different internal side.

Thinking profoundly about this year, my conclusion is that it has been a difficult year and a time during is difficult to watch the progress; but I know the internal process step by step will be reflected in the external situation, it is not the first time that I have time like this; anyway I always would like that I never ever to have another like this.

Well, I will continue growing and I am happy if you still want to accompany me in this process with a specifics dream/goal... I will continue in my NZ's route.

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