Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year.....

Happy New Year!
This will be a greatest year in my life! I hope it!
I will work hard to have all requirements and go to NZ this year! I hope to be in Auckland soon, and awakening go to walk for the beach and see the dawn, breathing a good air, a air without fear, without crime, without mototaxis... without the murder capital!
I hope to say good morning to the people, and see their eyes some second when our paths will cross, and note some tranquility in theirs windows-souls.
Of course, also I want a good job, and beautiful home, good things... But my real hope is go to walk in the early morning and see the dawn...
Today, I am very tired! Or I’m tired off!
I´d like to sleep right now, but still, I’m here writing something, because sleep is an immediate need, but practice my English and have personals challenge about it is the only way to find my dreams!
Now, I´ll read the NZ's newspapers and go to sleep.
Tomorrow will be a very important day! I´m going to register me in the IELTS.
Probably, I´ll write about it!
Good dreams!

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