Wednesday, 16 March 2011

About how was an Olympus Mountain woman, and is now for me a wonderful woman.

Now, I know how I am and how you are. I don’t have fear about you or myself. I can see your eyes and understand what you are seeing and what you are feeling. I see you eyes and I understand what you see and discover on me. I see your eyes and what you and other see on me, and don’t have fear or arrogance; because now, I know how I am and how you are, and know our abilities and weakness without fear or arrogance, only understanding, this does us people we are.

Some people could think you or/and I would be great, smart, genial, beautiful, amazing or/and stupid, proud, arrogant, ugly…. Whatever they think.

Anyway, you are a person, a great person with weakness, just like me, and understanding how you are, I have discovered and build part of myself.

Wow, I have discovered evident things; but still, this will change my life, and when I see you again, I’ll be relax and happy, without fear.

It is great!

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