Sunday, 20 March 2011

The darkest hour is just before the dawn

I have lived a very long and cold night in my life. I was not prepared for this experience, and the way to carry my life was attacked and hurt, I almost loss every important thing in 
my life, I broken a lot of thing and felt terrible.

Anyway, I’m optimistic, strong, and worker. I have continue doing the necessary things, and looking for a new roads.

This terrible dark has changed my desires, plans, thought, etc. Now I’m other people, with new kind to see the life.

I have felt cold, sometimes, I have thought I cannot keep me alive, other I thought, I have grown a lot…

Today, is possible to me see a small light and know, in short time will start the dawn; but I feel cold, depletion and sadness. Sometimes, I think, I cannot keep me to dawn. This terrible night has did deep hurt in my heart and is difficult keep me waiting for the light.

However, my heart say me, in short time will be a great day! Warm, beautiful, productive, etc. I have a lot of dreams for this day! I have plans, I though, as soon as start this wonderful day, I’ll need warn and recover me, for start to build a new place in my heart and my environment when I can be the next night and feel good.

I feel ready to receive the day, now I want to say thank God for this terrible night and its consequences in my life, even and especially for the terrible moments I have lived this time, because now, I’m sure, they have be necessary to grown and development inside me.

Here, in the night, I’m ready to receive the day, sometimes I would like to be in the day right now, I would like stop the wait and start the build now!

On several occasions, I feel, I need the light immediately! I cannot wait anymore!

But still, in my heart, I feel the night is finishing and the dawn is starting, I only need wait a few seconds to feel the warm and the necessary light to start a new way!

Thank God for this terrible dark, and for this news promise of a wonderful day!
I promise try to take advantage of day as well as will be possible, and never forget always have a reason.

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