Thursday, 17 March 2011

Near to me wherever I’ll be

      I have born and lived in a lot of place and a lot of moments during my life.

       I have been and change many times and many people; but always, I have been me, with different colors.

       I have learned patience, and ability to hope and dream. Today, I’m waiting for me, because I’m in a place different to this, and I’m finished something’s here before meet with me.

       Sometimes I miss me, and I would like to go to meet me right now; but today, I’m able to understand the reason because I’m here and not near to me.

       In this kind of moments in my life, in the past, I felt loss, because is to hard not be near to myself, and cannot meet with me.

       Nevertheless, I have known to wait and do the necessary things while I’m working to meet me.

       Now, although I am not near to me, I’m able to meet me when I need me. I can looking for me in my heart, and I only need a pencil or computer for connect with me wherever myself is.

       Today, I’m not the alone kid or teenager that I was some years ago. I would like don’t live this kind of things, but I cannot change it. I only can change myself and transformer me in a different kind of people and never and ever feel like the past and, use my past to be a new strong, sure, smart and happy people, with ability to fly and do whatever I want.

       I would like to carry with me something’s that is impossible; however, wherever I’ll be these things will be with me. The smell of my analyst house, the people I love, the place I like, all of them will be near to me wherever I’ll be.

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