Sunday, 13 March 2011

I want to be a Kiwi

I want to be a Kiwi!
The kiwi is a small and smart bird that lost their wings because didn’t have any predator and never needed to fly.

Some people could  think, is very sad being a bird and cannot fly… But I’m not agree, because if you don’t have predator you can do anything that you want and never have fear, you can walk, think, development yourself that you want without fear!

For example this kiwi, he want to fly, and he was able to development a new environment to do it. If this kiwi was scared for a predator, could do development this environment? Only with relax, without fear the people can think important things for their life, in other situation, the people are surviving.
I have big wings and every day I need fly high and quick because my life is every moment in risk. I cannot think as I would like, because I need fly every moment… I cannot walk, I cannot live… I need spend my time flying as quick as I can… every moment.
I want to lose my winds and walk without fear. I want to lose my winds and feel save in my environment and the people near to me

The natural process of life is birth, development, reproduce and die. Well, I born, development, changer and want continue change, I hope reproduce but not a frightened bird, I want to reproduce a kiwi, continue my development and die.
Now, I’m in the wrong place, I’m preparing myself to go to the Kiwi place, and become a Kiwi people. I want to change my winds for a life without fear.

In short time, I’ll be a kiwi and I cannot fly anymore with ours winds, but still, I’ll be able development a new way to fly if I want to do it again.

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