Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Some give up with my wings

      Is easy for me remember myself 7 years ago; I was a young girl, dress with blue or orange t-shirt and same color socks, had some piercing and in my eyebrow one with same color of my t-shirt and socks.

I was studying with best teachers, but 2 of them have been very important and special for me; one was a serious, strong, beautiful, older; but sweet, container, close up… I see her as is biggest master, but not only about my career, about the life!

She taught me identify important components in my work practice to have less mistake; while, companied me with difficult experience in my life, and scolded me with my mistakes and some stupid thought about my work, but special in my life!

She permitted me discovery the human being in her, and understand as wonderful people is in beginning people, and live different kind of feeling near her.

Now, she is not my teacher, is a very important person in my life, how is near me each moment, although sometimes, I can’t see her.

On the other hand, is the teacher, she is beautiful, intelligent, proud; she brightness with her our light. She was always receptive with me, but I felt fear toward her, because my younger mind thought she was as big, special, important as would be impossible by me be near her.

Nevertheless, I was wrong, and I was growing and my study road did possible to meet her again, with emotion, fear, expectation and intellectual interests.

In that moment was easy for me remember our special relationship, and open a new one.

Now, she sees me with love, regard, and is able to identify my abilities and intellectual potential, talk it with other persons, and open me some doors that I always have wanted to know.

I have grown and she have saw it; and now is possible for me be part of an important place that I always wanted be part.

My fly abilities never will loss! But I’m giving up my wings…

For example:
I always will be able to have a great relationship with important persons that I feel admiration and love.
I will be able to keep this relationships and development it in my future.
I will be able to build again a place where I want to be intellectually.

But still:

I cannot enjoy my construction and I’m giving up to study where I have wanted do it; meet with important people in my life frequently; enjoy to my work renown, etc.

I’m giving up to important things in my life for walk quiet and relax by the beach at night.

I’m giving up my wings, but never my ability to fly, when I will be able to walk in the beach at night, I’ll need development a new way to fly and build all thing I have build here and I’m leaving.

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  1. The most important things you have built are inside you. You never could leave them behind you, you never could forget them because they are part of yourself. So, don't worry, try to find a new way to fly and carry on with all of these things! I love you and I want to see you enjoying a freedom life as a kiwi