Saturday, 29 October 2011

Brown Converse monologue

Hello, I am a brown Converse, not right, just left brown Converse. I support a woman day after day, and I know she wanted me before we met, but she has been disappointed since our life joined.  I guess something is wrong with her knee or ankle because she have some cares with me that with right brown Converse I cannot see.

I am trying to win her love again, and now I am more sweet and comfortable. Sometimes I feel she does not hate me any more… but I am not sure.

Anyway, it is impossible for her to hide me some truth; for example, frequently we walk and walk without specific objet, she is not in a good place to her heart because she is walking looking for something she have not found…

On the other hand, moments when she is happier are talking this language in a specific place… maybe this language is the way to find the good place to her. For this reason I just speak English because I hope someday she love me again.

But I am a young shoe, and I have not learned to do good my job yet, and frequently she trip over, not necessary fall out, but whatever each time this happen I just feel: I am not doing good job, she hate me again…. I need to improve quickly.

My partner is not a great help, because my woman is right hand and for this reason the right brown Converse feel he is the king, and it is impossible to work good with him, for this reason my job is so hard.

I want to be an important shoe in her life, not just the stupid left brown Converse she had long ago and was a bad experience. I want to be the shoe who accompanied her during an important moment of her life; and someday in the future when I won’t exist, I hope she will see another brown Converse then remember me and she singed and think: my wonderful brown Converse, I would like to have a new of them, but they are impossible to supplant… well better give me green Converse.

 I know, I am faraway of this, but it is my goal… I hope that during this time she finds her real way and she feels very happy because in this case she won’t never and ever forget me. It is not important for me the way of her heart, but nothing else it is most important to me that she finds her way, in this case I’ll have done my job carrying her exactly the place she should be.

In the life of a shoe nothing in the world is most important that carry him owner to their real way… I am trying to do it with patient, love and pleasure.

Could you wish me success? Could you give me some tips? Remember I am a young shoe.

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