Thursday, 6 October 2011

Security sensation

In my life, the security sensation is almost an utopia, and not only about be criminality victim. I am talking about general things; for example: 10 months ago died an ex-president (he was a terrible and corrupt man, but now is almost the better person have ever existed, because is dead) then, today a group of people was walking with the corpse to the city; for this reason, streets was more collapsed than usual, and I didn’t know if I could back home, and decided don’t go to study the library and come back early; but in the same moment, people in this activity didn’t know if they could arrive where they wanted or cop could attack them, or maybe is a group of another kind of mad people could attack them, or if the government people could deny the activity or whatever…
Anyway,  when I arrived to my house, I was heated, and need to take a shower, but here didn’t have water; 6 hours latter water come back, and we are not sure how long will be it here.
In any part of this real story I told you about the fear I felt when I saw a lot of cop in the streets (before understand they was “protecting” mad people and their corpse) or about the terrible fear I felt when I was walking alone in the park and it was lonely and the possibility to be criminality’s victim increased to me; or about infinite experience like those I lived just today.

I dream with security sensation in my life; I suppose it is like feel sure about what government tell you, or your time planning; for example: today the most important news in NZ Herald talked about a terrible environmental disaster with oil spill, and is possible some sea animals will die; anyway a lot of teams are working to stop this problem; and possibly some people are worry about the disaster, but still, they are sure that government is doing the better possible work as they can to fix it.

I think the security sensation will be a discovery in my life almost so incredible as to know a bird without winds or people walking relaxed at night.

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