Tuesday, 18 October 2011

There is an excessive number of cars on our roads today and this leads to many problems. Individual and government should ensure that public transportation plays a more important role in modern life in order to tackle this problem.

There has a long been debate abut traffic problem in our days, and the rising amount of cars in the roads. In this ways have been said the use of public transport should be part of the solution.

During last decades, day after day people prefer have their our cars for some reason; for example: the comfortable situation to can use your vehicle when you want;  the possibility to go wherever you want without need to depend of schedule; in some place is more sure; is an status symbol, etc.

However, around the world the excessive use of cars is bigger problem year after year, because is the origin of a lot environmental problems, cities are more and more congestion and the life of persons are more alone. Nevertheless, in big number of cities the public transportation is collapsed too, for this reason, is possible to think the problem is not only the number of cars.

To be more precise, in my opinion, the problem is that population is rising more quick than government solutions of this, and people are trying to feel good with their necessities, meanwhile government is trying to return to the pass (with less cars and people). In same way, I think government need to be worried about to do more and more roads and safer cars.

In the final analysis, my opinion is that government should works to offer solution to people´s necessities and not blamed them for theirs. A good example of this is work together with cars companies looking for safer cars and to do good pacification to cities development about more and better roads and public transportation.

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  1. it is good, but in my view, seemly, it did not concentrate on question