Sunday, 2 October 2011

Short and silly reflection.

For me is easier write tan read, I don’t know the reason, but furthermore I like more write. Is possible I’m a creative people, but also too narcissus to feel interests in the other creation…

The rare is my job passion is listening people; it is the reason to study and think every day. Still in this area sometimes I feel bored to read, but I have never felt bored to my job.

Anyway, I listening people to discover the unconscious their words and actions, it is a way to creation too.

Well, the point is: I can write when I’m tired, bored or sick; but to can read and enjoy it, I need be relax, happy, healthy and quiet. Now, I feel tired to study, I cannot read the book that I like; but still, I’m writing it.

Write is easier to read for me. I don’t understand, and I need improve my read ability.

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