Sunday, 2 October 2011

Dreaming with the first day.

Every day I woke up and wish in short time to be in the first day the rest of my life. Down to airplane, discovery the city smell, looking people face, knowing the place will be my elected home.

If I concentrate enough I can feel the air in my face and almost smell the city. If I close my eyes, I can be there some seconds.

People ask me, what is the typical food there? How are the people? Is it beautiful? What about the weather? But in my heart the only question is how Auckland smells? I feel when I know the smell, the rest of my life will have begun.

I can research about whatever I want, but the smell is the only thing I cannot have idea here.

I’m sure, I’ll have a good job there, great friends, a beautiful house, quiet lifestyle and happy life; but it will start only after know the specific Auckland smell.

Today, I’m not sure know many days are between my new home and me, but I know that smell is nearer day after day, and an special morning, sooner or latter, I’ll wake up and that smell will arrive to myself, my body will e fuel that specific air, and my new life will have begun.

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