Sunday, 30 October 2011

I want to answer (right brown Converse)

Hello, I am part of a pair of Brown Converse, I am the right one.  Someone told me that my partner was writing here, and I have taken a time to read it. I was thinking about it all night, because I have a different way to see the situation.

First I want to say some things to my partner: each day when she wears us, I am the first shoe she takes, it is with me who she starts the way, and when her left leg fail and she trips over, then is me who need to receive the impact to try she don’t fall out. I walk and walk with her too, day after day, and I am sure it is a work for us both. I have some responsibilities and you have another. It is impossible to me understand what do you want to say when you say I think I am the king… because I am a shoe exactly like you… not, I am a shoe part of the pair we are.

I don´t care where she wants to go, but my job is carrying her to the way she wants. We speak English because is the language she needs to speak, is not our decision. We cannot take any decision; we just can carry her for the way she wants to go.

I know she is not so happy we us, because we are not really comfortable, but forget it, you just need to understand she uses us day after day, and she wants to go with us… not with me or with you, with us both like a team.

If she loves us more than any others shoes in her life, it is not our problem, it is not our business, and our just business is carrying her.

If she arrives the place she wants, then we have done good job, but if she loves or not us, is not our business.

You are not a young shoe, we have short time out our box, but we have walked more than 100 K, we are not young yet. You need grow up, and understand that it is not time of not know. It is time to do the important things we should do. It is not time to feel fear or shame, it is time to walk and walk.

It is not our job to know the place she should be; but yes, it is important that she find the way for her heart; anyway, nothing in the world should be most important for us that to be ready when she wants to use us, and carry her when she wants…

I hope she knows the place she wants to go; anyway, my job is to be ready to walk, it is to be strong, it is not be crying and to feel fear, it is wear her socks and to go anyplace together.

If in the future she throws aside us, or always sighs thinking about us, it is not my business. My job is walk with you like a team.

Please, grow up and understand you are not a baby shoe and you are not a brown shoe, you are part of the pair we are.

On the other hand, I want to say thank you to give me the opportunity to write here.

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