Wednesday, 19 October 2011

task 1

         The table bellow is the opportunity to know how many tourist form United State, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and other countries of Europe visited Australia during 8 years, since 1991 to 1999.

         During this time in almost all this countries is possible to see a rise year after year in their amount of people visiting to Australia, less to Canada where in 1991, 51000 citizens went to Australia and only 48000 visited that place in 1993; nevertheless, after this event year after year more people of Canada went to visit to Australia, and in 1999 went there 75000 Canadians. Is important to explain in these five places, Canada’s people are the smallest group of tourist there.

         In the other hand, is possible to see that in 1999 the biggest group of tourist in Australia was United States people with 259000; but still, since 1993 and until 1999 the biggest group of people was from United Kingdom; and in specific during 1999 all this countries had an increase in number of people to visited Australia. In the specific case to UK 509000 people went to visited Australia.

         During those 8 years is possible to see as majority rise the tourist in Australia year after year.

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