Thursday, 13 October 2011

Practicing for the IELTS. Task 1

The chart bellow tries to show how many students registered themselves in universities in different career around 6 years (since 1996 to 2001). In the vertical axis you can see amount students registered; in the horizontal axis talk about years to register and in the glossary show the color of each career.

You can see that during these years, is possible to see the mayor number of students were in Engineering and Technology; anyway, year after year this mount decreased,  started in almost 140000 students and finished in few more than 120000.

In contrast, Computer Science had an important rise, started less to 80000 and finished almost same to Engineering and Technology with just 120000. In the same way, is possible to see that the number of student registered in Biological Sciences was increasing slowly but year after year, since 80000 to around 950000.

On the other hand, Physical Sciences had little increase in students registered during this time, and is difficult to note the difference; similar that Medicine and Dentist where is possible to see a little rise, but not a dramatically one.

This table is an opportunity to know the change on number of students interested and registered  in different career at universities during this time.

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