Sunday, 23 October 2011

My wish to be a kiwi gave me a new love and new sport passion

Today I want to talk about Rugby; my favorite sports are tennis and football soccer, and never and ever in the past I thought to love a violent sport, because I think sports are the road to find a new way for transform the violence in something acceptable and funny; and I think violent sports are so primitive; in the other hand, I am very worry about the physical injures in all sport but more with violence sports.

Anyway, now I want to be a kiwi, and kiwis love the Rugby…

In my heart the biggest problems in some part of the society is the self-discrimination; for example, if you like people with your our gender, you are in a minority, and some people don’t like it, however you are part of the society, and if you go only  to ambient place, and some heterosexual people arrive there, then you feel upset, so they are not discriminating you, you are discriminating yourself; it is easy to say they don’t accept you, but for me you don’t accept yourself and you prefer to blame other, and continue your self-discrimination. Another good example of it is the immigrants with serious difficulties to be part of the new country and they want to talk their our lenguage in the new country, play famous sports of their country, keep their religion cultur (way to wear, life, etc), have only immigrants friends; and to say day after day their country is the better place in the world also they will never come back. Is in those cases possible to say society is discriminating you?

I tend to think that each new experience in the life offer you a lot of things and if you are receptive you will enjoy it more and it is possible you will be more satisfying and rewarding. In this case, I am talking about migration process, and not about legal process, I am talking about internal migration process. I would like to add that I think the migration is one of most difficult experiences in the life, because all your life change when you arrive to the new country and someone seals your passport. But the better way to faced it is trying to be part of the new place, and remember your old country (and love it) but never forget you are now here and the new place is your present life; the majority don’t need to adapt you, always you need to adapt to the majority and looking for your space there.

In this line of ideas, I back over the first topic in this essay, I want to tell you, this morning I woke up to 3am to watch the final game to RWC, and I enjoyed it; anyway, my favorite sports are tennis and football soccer, but I want to be a kiwi, and part of this is to learn to love the Rugby.

Sometimes people go to live to another country by job or any specific situation and after a time they back to their countries; but in my case I want to live in NZ the rest of my life because I think is a great place to development myself and my life; in my mind in this case the better way is to try to adapt yourself to the new place and to use all skills your old country come into your heart and mind to adapt in this new experience and enjoy your life.

Here I am referring the rugby´s love is not a specific sport love, it is a way to preparing myself to be part of a new society (a specific society I selected to my life), and I am not forgetting my another loved sport, but my life is changing and with it the world I have known and I will know.

For this reason, now my actual favorite sport players are Novak Djokovic, Diego Forlan, Israel Dagg and Piri Weepu. Today, I am a still a lover of my old sports but my wish to be a kiwi gave me a new love and new sport passion.

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