Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Academic achievement at school or university is the only true measure of a person's intelligence. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

There has a long been debate about whether academic achievement at school or university is the only way to know the intelligence level in people or exist another indicator of this.

         In general, is easy to say that intelligent people have very good academic scores, and silly people have bad academic scores. In the same way, all academic experience need to use your intelligence, and is possible if you have a disability in your intelligence skill, you could fail in academics experience.

         However, is possible to know in the humanity history a lot of case of smart people who has been changed the way of humanity life and they don’t have good academic score, or they cannot finish the school or university. For example, in our days a good example of this is Bill Gate, he left the university to work in computer development, and nobody could say he have not changed our life.

         In the same way, is possible to now a lot of stories about people to with high score in the academic life, but with biggest problems to think by themselves. There is little evidence to support that be good or bad student or also left the academic formation is not necessarily the only way to know whether people are intelligence or not. Is important to know their skills and interest to development their life.  

         In the final analysis, I would like to say, the intelligence is a general concept and is impossible to measure it with only academics score or special skills, is necessary to know the general way to be the person to have a conclution.

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  1. your paragraphs are well organised by giving different supporting ideas. but your writing seems not very coherent and clear, and some sentences have no subjects.