Monday, 17 October 2011

Sunday morning.

Yesterday at the morning, I needed to take a bus to transport me; was around 11, and in the distance was around 5 kilometer, when I had been around 15 minutes in the bus, unexpectedly a friend of the driver started to fight with an indigent in the bus stop.  They were fighting with words and hits some minutes. Meanwhile, some people continuing up to the bus, and another were inside waiting to continue our ways.

Some minutes late, the driver asked to his friend up to the bus again, and continued the way. In this moment, the driver’s friend was upset, and he was saying none could say nothing to him, and the solution to his mind was shoot  the indigent, and during the bus trip he was explaining his friend the better way to do it is to take a motorbike and shoot that man and continue quickly his way. Then, he called some friend to ask if they could give him a motorbike for this situation, and another friend say yes to him, and in this moment he left the bus the bus and said the driver: well, I’ll go to solvent this problem, I’ll shoot him and see you in two hours.

Then, we simply continue our way.

Welcome to Venezuela and a simple Sunday morning.

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