Friday, 6 January 2012

Relaxing my mind

I want to write whatever I can find in my mind, it is just a practice. I am not dreaming to win the novel of literature with my blog; I am just dreaming to have a better lifestyle, then I need to practice and practice and practice to have enough score in the IELTS as soon as it will be possible. Maybe as soon as I will be able to make it possible.

Anyway, I love to write, and I would like to development the ability to write funny children stories, then it could be a good beginning. Here I have the chance to practice English and the skill to write... I hope development both; but I will happy if I just find enough score in my test!

I will try to write stories about whatever I can, or at less write about whatever I can... So, as it is evident I am talking incoherencies now, I need to sleep, but I cannot because I want to continue practicing... Then sometimes people should accept the moment to retire as well for the moment or just because they are so old to do something. I am so old to be a famous tennis player, but I am in good ages to learn a new language and to development skill as a writer.... Well, but I am not a in good moment to continue writing... Ummm it is my blog and I can write here when I want, then it is ok to write here still if I am writing just incoherencies...

I want to say that I am not drunk neither drugged, I think it is not necessary to go out the logical ideas and relax your mind with the freedom that only offer thinking in stupid ways. To be a little silly sometimes is a good way to recover and recognize the important things. I think it is very important to be able to lose the coherence without drugs and just looking inside you this funny part of all of us.

I find it sometimes. It is easier when it is late and I need to sleep, it is almost as I was drunk, because the mind is not very strong, anyway I can find it in other moment, and I often try to find the moment to lose my coherence and relax my mind!

All important thing in the life are possible to find inside you, I am sure that it is easy to fiend outside, and the majority of us spent the life looking outside; sometimes it is possible to believe that we found it, and maybe it is possible to someone find it. But the real way is inside, and outside you just can find the support of this way. But remember, I am just talking incoherence things.

Love you.

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