Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Wise wall

Some months ago I was walking for the streets on the city and in a wall I could read something like this: people spend their live looking for the true and that does not exist.

I thought: very wise wall!

Now I have been thinking about the reason because people always want to give advice to other, still when their live are a disaster or when they don't know you very well.  Meanwhile, all time, people are asking you about your future plan, for example: what do you want to be when you grown up? When will you get married? When will you have babies?

Today, I am thinking that people are always asking this kind of things because they would like to find the true and they have the idea that if someone do something it could be the true or it couldn't be the true; so (I think) they want to think about it to have the illusion they know the true.

In this way, it is possible people always want to give advice because it is another chance to feel they know the true.

Then, why is the true too important? Why is it unbearable not know the true, or simple accept the true is not universal?

It is frequently too that people don't want to listen you and your worries, but still they want to give you advice and they talk as their opinion is the true, as god had been talking with them.

When I was 15, I understand that all of us could have a true and those could not be same and either be a suitable true!

I don't accep advice to people who don't know me or don't listen me careful and trying understanding; I always prefer to think for myself and when I want or need an advice I always prefer to looking it with people who listen and pay attention to me.

I don't buy true or thought, I rather to development my our ideas, still when it take time and sometimes be wrong, but in my opinion, it is impossible to find a personal true buying the true of other (like religion, politician, a book, etc), the true of others could be the beginning point to look the personal true, way or whatever; but definitely, I am agree with that idea that say: when more than one person are always agree, it is because someone is thinking for the others.

Well, I go out thinking. I hope nobody is thinking like me, still when someone could be having a similar idea.

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