Thursday, 5 January 2012

A weird time

I will start this story when I was a young puppy. That day was the weirdest day that I had had at the moment. A man took me, and putted me in a box, and rode a motorbike for long time.

We arrived to a place with a lot of people, but finally I was with the man who I thought was my daddy. He received and carried me to a place with lot of friend; all people wanted play with me, I could listen to a lot of things and smell sweet and ugly fragrances.  In that moment I was less worried, I was with my daddy, probably he was missing me and he asked that man to bring me. Nothing could be wrong, he loved me and I was absolutely encouraged to be the best puppy in the world!

Suddenly, I listened to new voices, tree new voices to be more specific: a young boy, a man and a woman. My daddy said: give me the doggy.

He delivered me to the woman, she was happy. I was asking to myself: what is happening?

She wanted to give me kisses, touch my tummy and be with me as I was her doggy. Am I her doggy? But my daddy missed me and asked to look for me....

Then the boy wanted to play with me, and the man took me as I was definitely his doggy....

Well, I was their puppy. Woman was absolutely sweet with me, the boy was a little annoyed, and man was strong and playful. Anyway I fell asleep; when I woke up, I was in a big place with a lot of dogs with their families, and with a lot of wonderful smells, like food, toys, etc. in the future I discovered that was the place when my mom and dad looked my food, medicine, toys, etc.

Finally we arrived at home, I was very scared, but I fell asleep again.

I could sleep on a comfortable little bed, I had a different food, but very tasty, and few toys to play. I was absolutely terrified to lose all of that, I was happy and sad in the same time. I was lost my old family still when I was a very good puppy, I missed my old daddy; on the other hand, I was happy, maybe these people will be my new family and if I was a better puppy they could stay with me and I could be part of their family.

So, god news, they are my family, and the annoyed boy didn't live with us, he just went to visit us sometimes. My mommy loves me as I was her life; my daddy always plays with me and frequently was loving too. All their friends and family love me. I was the happiest doggy around the world. I sleeping with mom and dad all night and I slept over mommy’s legs when she was at home.

Then I fell asleep all time, but without any worry.

That was my story for long time, my mom, dad and I went frequently to walk, I took a shower in a pet-shop (I hated it part), I had friends, I was always happy.

Sometimes my mom and dad went on vacation, and I was a little sad since I saw the suitcases; but still I knew they will come back soon. Until that terrible morning....

My mom and dad took their suitcases, and some new things, a little case with nothing inside, all my things (bed, toys, food, etc), and me. We went to a new place I never before had been there. My mommy was crying, and my daddy was very sad, but he said to my mommy: it is the only way, we will be better in short time.

I was absolutely scared, but I was with mom and dad, nothing could be wrong.

My daddy took me, putted me inside the case and delivered the case to a man I never had seen (that was the only moment I saw him). I was absolutely scared! I could listen to my mommy crying! What is happening? Who is hurting to my mommy? I will go to murder whoever is making cry to my mommy! But suddenly I fell to sleep again.

It was a weird time, I could not wake up, I listened to a lot of thing, and I felt hungry, fear, heat, anxiety, etc. but I could not wake up completely.

After ages I woke up! I was in a new place, very different, any fragrance was known to me, any voices, and any people. In that moment I was absolutely terrified and I could not fall asleep. Then someone opened the case and carried me with love. I never had seen him and his fragrance was new for me. He was talking to me very sweetly and carefully. I was sad, scared, nervous, etc.

We arrived to his home; there I knew another person, a woman, and a little baby. They were ok with me, but where was I? Where was my family? Did my family abandon me with this people? Not! That is impossible! My mommy and daddy love me! I am absolutely sure about it! I have been a good doggy, they should be taking vacation and this is my place during their vacation! In short time I will be with mom and dad again! Meanwhile, I will enjoy this people.... It is time to discover what is good with them!

Some hours later, man called me and said: come here your mommy want to talk with you. I went quickly! And in the computer was my mommy voice, saying: don't worry my baby, we will be together soon, stay quiet.

I was quiet now.

But was very long time, all days I wake up hoping that my mommy and daddy come here to looking for me. But day after day, it didn't happen. Sometimes I could to listen to my mommy in the computer saying that in short time we would be together. Anyway time was passing, and this new family was good with me, they didn't want to sleep with me, but I had good food, walk, love...

I started to accept that was my new family, maybe I was bad dog with my old family and for this reason they didn't love me anymore. I could remember, sometimes I did pee and poop in the wrong place, long ago I ate things of my mom or dad and they were angry with me. Maybe I was terrible doggy with them.

I will be the best dog in the world! I want to be worthy of love and to have a definitely family!

Then, I was always a good dog, I never ever did nothing wrong, I accepted love but never asked it, because I didn’t want to be annoyed.

I had a new family. They love me enough. I was ok. When something horrible happened!

Man took the case again, my entire things, and putted me inside the case, woman was sad but not crying, he was happy. I was confuse, but I had been good dog, nothing could be wrong. I fell asleep.

Hours later, I could not wake up again! I listened to a lot of sound; I felt hungry, heat, fear...... What is happening now??????

When I woke up, I was in an alone place. Nobody was with me. Now I was sure: I have been the worse dog around the world and nobody loves me!

I was absolutely sad, I was sure I will die soon, without love and food. Exactly as the terrible dog that I have been.

After that, arrived a woman, she speak in a language I didn't know, and that place was weird, new fragrance, etc.

She gave me food, she stroked me, she was sweet; but definitely she won’t ever be my family!

That was my live three day, when suddenly the woman brought to me something very wonderful!!!! I received a shirt to my mommy!!!! My real mommy!!!! She used it few days ago! I would never forget her fragrance! My mom is near to me!!! I knew, all this time just was my vacation time! Very weird vacations, but soon I will be with my family!!!!!!!

Anyway, my mommy neither my daddy didn’t go to looking for me, I was confused, sad, scared...

Each three or four days I received clothes to my mommy or daddy, I kept a little hopeful. But day after day, I was alone there.... The saddest place in the world! Without family or friends!

A morning I wake up, very sad, thin and resigned, when I listened to the most beautiful sound around the world: my mother and father voices!!!!! They are here! They come here to looking for me! I was absolutely happy! Exactly as I had seen them this morning! I started to jump, cry, and shake my tail.... And then my mommy entered when I was!!!!! Then entered my daddy!!! All of us were happy, all of us were crying!!! I did pip.... I was ashamed, but my mommy and daddy were not angry for that, they were happy! As happy as I was!

They took me, we were inside the car and we arrived to our new home!!!!

We were together again, exactly as my mommy said me long ago!

Anyway, I was scared during some weeks, if will they abandon me again?

But day after day I slept with mommy and daddy on their bed, we went to walk, they gave me all love they could!

So, I didn't understand that time, but they are my family, we are in a new place, people speak a new language (now I can understand it too), my mommy and daddy are happier than in the past. That was a weird and long vacations, but now we are better, and I won’t ever think that they could abandon me.

Well, nothing could be perfect, now the young boy lives with us, and he always kisses my mommy, I HATE IT!!!! Now he isn’t little and so annoyed, the only problem (in my life) is he kisses my mommy!

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