Thursday, 5 January 2012

Book's story

Hi, I am a book, my owner says that I am her favorites book; she read me the first time long ago and second time 5 years ago; three years ago another person read me. I have had good luck; I have been read three times, not all my friends have that live.

Well, my story stars very long ago! I was a tree; I lived in a place full of trees exactly like me. It was not long life for a tree. Around three years was my life as a tree, very short time, I have listened about trees that live 150 years, but I just lived three.

Then, someone cut me, and I was carried to a big place with a lot of strange tools. In that place I listened a lot of weird sound, and step by step my body was changing, I passed to be a tree to be a book. It was very painful for me, without talk you about as much as I was confuse and nervous.

In the beginning, I thought I was dead, I could not feel the wind, or listened to same sound as my past.

Bit to bit I discovered I was a book. Around me, my friends said that I was a very luck book, because over me was written a great story by a very important author. It had very hard to understand for me. When I was starting to understand, I was put in a box with a lot of others exactly like me.

I traveled long time, it was noise, heat and uncomfortable; but nobody is care about if a book is comfortable.

A woman opened the box, and put me in a table. I spent long time there, during the days a lot of people visited the place and at night that was alone and cold.

I could see a lot of my friend being sold; and in the beginning I didn't want to be sold, I thought that I was just understanding what is happening and if someone bough me, I would start a new life; I was not ready for that. Anyway, after a time, I was absolutely bored and I started to wish to be sold. I was feeling like a puppy who is trying to be cute with anybody looking a family. It was long time, when finally a young girl bough to me.

She was happy with me, and she spent long time reading me, because she read very slowly at the moment. She was on vacation and carried me with her. I knew wonderful beaches, beautiful landscapes, mountains with fog and amazing rivers.

She returned at home with me. I should say that was the better time of my life. I feel useful, loved and happy. I was feeling as a very luck book.... Well, and I have been a very luck book.

Some months later, she finally ended the book. She always said that I have been the best book she has read. I had had the best place in her library, and she always clean me. Sometimes, she just opens me and smells my fragrance. She often says that she loves to smell the books and I am her favorite.

Well, time has passed. Then years after that, she decided read me again, and just in that moment she was on vacation again. So, I knew amazing places again, another country, historical monuments, different culture, and I listening to another language. But she read quicker then. And in short time she finished me. I spent the rest of this time in the suitcase.

We returned again. I returned to the library during long time again, until a day, she took me and loaded to her friend. That woman was nice too. She was very happy with me, she read me quickly. Then I returned to home. Since that moment I am again in the library with a lot of books. I am the only one who is taken some times to be smelled.

I should admit that my life as a book has been great and better than the majority of us. I have never been lined, broke or mistreated. In opposition, I have been loved, smelled, read.

Anyway, after long time I have understood that sooner or later I will be waste, or I will damage. I am a living being, but all people think I am just a book and still when they could be ok with me, they could never treat me as a tree. I will never be a tree again. Sometimes I think that I am like a vampire, because they are not live or dead but they have a life, and still when they have a good life, they could never feel as good as the past and they are always empty. We have another common thing, we have an essential life which we lost, and we spent the majority of our time being someone that we were not in the beginning.

Nowadays, I have listening to my owner talking about read in a new technology thing. She says that she has more than 10000 books and it is easy to read. She has all this book without broke one tree, and for me, the most important thing is she has all those book and information without destroyed one living being.

I am happy with my owner, and I have been a luck book. Anyway, I would like never have been a book and just have been a tree.

The opportunity for smell a good fragrance, or feel wonderful sensation in your hand is not a reason to condemn a lot of trees to be books.

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