Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Task 2. January 25, 2012

It is often that crime is one of the main things that make their quality of life poorer. What are the causes of the problem and what measure can be taken to reduce it?

The crime is a very big problem which affects the lifestyle of majority people who are living it. It is easy to know about high crime level in South America and Africa; but still some developed countries suffer it and heir citizens feel worried about it sometimes.

Some government have the idea of the freedom is relationship with weak laws, and if they forget some little crime to people, they will vote for the government again. In the same way, sometimes government very worried about to keep the power decided does not stop the crime because if common people are nervous about the insecurity, then they could not think very much, so they will not start a project to avoid the government.

On the other hand, exist societies very very developed when people have very good behavior without strong laws because they have learned that their society depend of it as well their life quality. To have success in this idea and kind of way in the society, it is very important that the process be step by step, starting with policies as zero tolerance looking for basic neat and as soon as level of crime drop, government could to be more flexible, because people know that it is necessary to keep good action if you want to keep a good lifestyle. Frequently, when people live in very high crime level, their lifestyle is poor and as soon as it is different, government could avoid some laws and anyway people will continue acting as it still exist. However, it is a very long process and often the majority of societies are between zero tolerance and starting to be flexible to find the balance to keep good lifestyle.

Furthermore, it is very important that the government try to learn day after day to people to respect the law, trying to have always better lifestyle and as it is relationship with to keep the neat all time.

In the final analysis, it is important to summarize that when a country or society has very high crime, it affect all people and in my opinion, it is necessary to begin with zero tolerance policies and bit to bit to change it looking for better life quality depending the specific needs of that society.

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